Latisse Eyelash Enhancement


Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is an FDA-approved treatment that is intended to enhance eyelash growth, thickness, and darkness for individuals that have thinning eyelashes.

How Does Latisse® Work?

Similar to regular hair growth, eyelashes will sprout, grow, and then eventually fall out. Latisse extends the growth phase, as well as increases the number of hairs that develop creating fuller, long-lasting eyelashes.

Latisse is applied to the upper lash line, and as you blink, the formula gently transfers to the lower lash line. Do not apply directly to your lower lash line. Blot away any excess solution from your eye. Your dermatologist will direct how often you should apply Latisse, but applications are typically every night before bedtime for the first two months. Your dermatologist will supply applicators for you to use once at each application. It is important to dispose of the applicator after one use only.

Results of Latisse® Eyelash Treatment

After approximately two months of regular use, you may begin to notice results. After continued treatment for three to four months, your dermatologist may recommend a reduced treatment schedule. If the patient chooses to withdraw from Latisse treatment, the lashes will gradually return to their natural state prior to treatment.

Latisse is not an over-the-counter cosmetic application, and it does require a prescription from a doctor or dermatologist. You may use mascara on top of your lashes like you normally would. If you have any eye infections, vision problems, or allergic reactions, consult with your dermatologist prior to using Latisse eyelash treatment.

K2 Dermatology in Boulder is proud to offer Latisse Eyelash Enhancement to our patients to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. If you are struggling with minimal lash growth or you are seeking darker, fuller, stronger, and natural eyelashes, contact the dermatologists at K2 Dermatology today!

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