4 Skin Conditions That Can Be Reduced Or Removed By Laser IPL

4 Skin Conditions That Can Be Reduced Or Removed By Laser IPL

If you have embarrassing blemishes or annoying age spots, you may feel the need to constantly hide them behind layers of makeup or strategically placed clothing. But what if, instead, you could say goodbye to these skin concerns forever? At K2 Dermatology Clinic in Boulder, CO, we’re proud to offer revolutionary intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to minimize these types of imperfections. Keep reading to learn common conditions our skin care specialists treat with IPL, then contact us for an appointment.


Sun Damage

When you spend long hours in the sun without any UV protection, your skin is left vulnerable to sun damage. Signs of sun damage include freckles, sun spots, and premature aging. Fortunately, within a single IPL skin treatment, we can reduce these signs by up to 70%.


Acne Scarring

Acne is a frustrating skin condition often made worse — and long-lasting — by stubborn acne scars. This type of scarring is usually the result of inflammation caused by acne. Most skin care products and treatments are unable to remove them, but IPL treatment is different. It successfully reduces the appearance of scars while evening out the complexion.



If you frequently have a bright red face with subtle, acne-like bumps, you may have rosacea. This complexion concern can be frustrating because it makes it look like you’re always blushing. Within one to three IPL treatments, however, you can reduce your skin’s redness by up to 75%, making this problem a thing of the past.



For some people, birthmarks are a unique feature to be proud of. But for others, they can be an embarrassing skin abnormality that stands out more than they’d like. If you have a birthmark you want to conceal, IPL skin treatment combined with laser treatment can reduce its appearance and virtually eliminate it.

If you want an even-toned complexion and clear, smooth skin, IPL treatments may be right for you. Schedule an appointment with K2 Dermatology Clinic today to discover how this procedure can help.

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