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I’m a physician myself. This was my 3rd opinion for my horrid eczema. I’ve suffered, sometimes in tears and scratching to blood for years. Dr Koger and her amazing team listened to me, took my history and family history into account, and my desires/concerns for treatment. They provided a plan, samples of medication to try and evidence discussion to back it up.

By visit #2, my eczema was better than in YEARS. A very costly (generally insurance denied) medication was sent to pharmacy, prior authorization completed on the spot, and my medication arrived next day. For a mere copay.

I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t recommend this team more! If you want attention to your issues, commitment to improvement and actual work after you leave the office, K2 Dermatology is for you!

"Denver, CO"

This clinic is compassionate and friendly! Nice assistant, nice doctor and a great outcome with a problem that is painful and embarrassing. Another doctor didn’t even try. Many thanks to Kallgren in Boulder.

"Boulder, Co"

After going to several other dermatologists for a seemingly unsolvable problem, this place was recommended to me by one of my physicians. They did a painless and quick biopsy, prescribed me a steroid cream without hydrocortisone in it (finally), and the problem went away in 2 weeks, after two years of struggling. All the while, they were very easy to work with, professional, and kind.