Knowing The Difference: IPL vs. Laser Treatments

Knowing The Difference: IPL vs. Laser Treatments

At K2 Dermatology Clinic in Boulder, CO, our staff of professionals often helps patients address skin concerns through two popular procedures: intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments and laser treatments. While these are often lumped together, there are a few differences you should be aware of. Continue reading and contact us today to learn more.


Different Methods

Both laser and IPL treatments use specific wavelengths of light to target skin conditions, like sunspots or acne scarring. However, laser treatments use a focused beam of light, while IPL uses multiple wavelengths of pulsing light.

Both types of treatment send light into skin cell pigments. From there, it is converted into heat and used to eradicate the unwanted pigments that cause skin conditions.



The difference between laser beams and light wavelengths makes laser treatments more precise. However, this comes with a tradeoff. IPL therapy is less likely to damage the skin because it reaches the dermis without irritating the epidermis.


Treatment Options

IPL treatments focus on the melanin pigments in your skin that cause sunspots and blemishes, while laser treatments generally target blood vessels and pigment. As a result, IPL tends to even out skin tone, while laser treatments are often used to address vascular or pigmentation concerns.


Working Together

Both laser and IPL skin rejuvenation procedures can be combined for a comprehensive treatment approach. IPL face treatments work well with laser treatments as the two cooperate for optimal results. With laser and IPL treatments, you can achieve clear, smooth skin without much downtime or pain.

If you’re struggling with skin concerns like rosacea, birthmarks, or varicose veins and are considering laser or IPL treatment options, contact the team at K2 Dermatology Clinic. We’ll discuss your goals and help you choose the best treatment option for you!

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